Finding buyers for Export business



Your product is only as good as the sales it generates. For many new businesses, this is extremely difficult, if not downright impossible. So how do you go about finding international buyers and how to reach out to them? Digital marketing may work in some markets, while others might need a bit of personal touch. You can also seek assistance and support from organizations like FIEO and your Export Promotion Council (EPC). 

Finding buyers Online

There is a group of activities that can be taken up to find buyers of your export products online:

  • You must build an attractive and professional website for your business. Investing in techniques like SEO will also take you and your product closer to the people who are looking for the same products in your target country. You can also use tools like Google Ads to discover the search queries that are likely to lead prospective buyers to your website/product.
  • Another great idea is to optimize your website visibility using Google Search Console. Using the Console, you can not only manage your website’s structure but also get a deeper understanding of the kind of traffic you’re getting on your domain. Over time, you can use this data to get a better understanding of whether your website is visible to your target buyer demographic or not and optimize it accordingly.
  • You should also consider developing a social media strategy to reach out to your global customer base. Note, however, that all social media channels might not be a perfect fit for your business; clearly define the purpose of your social media presence and accordingly select a channel that best suits your buyer acquisition requirements.

Finding buyers Offline

  • Trade fairs and exhibitions are a more direct platform where Indian exporters, small and big, get the opportunity to meet and interact with visiting international buyers as well as export-import companies. Apart from such events organized in India, you can also participate in fairs and exhibitions held by various trade organizations across the world. These fairs can be general or specific to an industry. This is the perfect venue for networking and outreach to potential customers. You can show demos/examples of your product, field questions, and even confirm orders at these events.
  • Government bodies like Commodity Boards Export Promotion Council, and even Ministries, can be a great source of information when it comes to searching for buyers for export. These organizations are tasked with increasing the country’s exports and helping exporters and will be more than happy to provide details like names of potential buyers, venues where you can meet them, etc. You can also access trade information and statistics on the export of various products in your sector, apart from information on existing buyers.
  • Embassies can be a good source of trade-related information. India has embassies and consulates in many countries, with close to 200 diplomatic missions worldwide. They have access to local news and market trends, and you can approach them to ask for names of reliable buyers in that particular country in your sector. 
  • Plenty of companies offer trade-related professional services to exporters and traders, including international directories of importers in various countries, market research and studies, shipment-related information, etc. You can purchase information specific to your product and sector from these companies.
  • Foreign Agencies are state-sponsored or controlled agencies that deal with bulk purchases to meet their country’s demands. Buying Agents can be bulk buyers looking to purchase from your country. Foreign Wholesalers are middlemen who will eventually resell products imported from overseas in their own country. Commission agents are foreign agents who enable contact between buyers and sellers and coordinate a deal between the two in exchange for a commission. You can also hire your own sales commission agent or employee to represent your business and product to buyers and finalize sale deals.

Additional Notes

  • Invest in the content and layout of your website to give it a professional look and appeal, as potential buyers will often judge you based on your website.
  • Certain online platforms like social media face restrictions in some countries or have a minimal presence there.
  • Intermediaries may not be feasible for most fresh exporters as they eat into your margins unless they generate high volumes of leads and relationships,
  • Know your product and its consumption patterns, if your product is a poor fit for the buyer’s market, you are unlikely to get any business there.
  • Understand local customs, traditions, and cultures to avoid accidentally offending your buyers.

Remember, positioning yourself as a Top Merchant Exporter in Asia and the Best Sourcing Agent in India can greatly enhance your credibility and attract potential buyers seeking high-quality products and reliable partnerships.